Attractive Nuisance (Legally in Love Book 1)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Camilla Sweeten looks up from her closing arguments, her eyes immediately land on a handsome stranger. Thrown off her game and stammering in front of the county’s toughest judge as well as her boss, she fears her chance at a much-coveted promotion is lost. Then she’s introduced to the cause of her sputtering. Zane Holyoake – newest member to the firm! When her boss aims to not only team the newly-hired Zane with Camilla on the Beamer Bandit case, he decides to also throw in a healthy dose of competition. As the work load increases and the case progresses, so will Camilla’s sleepless nights of secret desire. Will Zane’s annoying persistence win her over? Or will Camilla plead guilty to her Zane obsession?


Reader’s looking for a quick, light-hearted, and clean read will readily devour this novel.  

While some readers may find Camilla’s mental grammar corrections beneficial in portraying her perfectionist personality, others may find it a stumbling point detracting from the conversational flow. In addition to this, some may find a lack of relatability as she deems herself to old for having a family and children at the age of twenty-six. 

However, there is no shortage of animated banter between the two. Zane’s fun-loving, laid-back personality easily compliments and brings around the no-nonsense, rigid Camilla aiding not only to the gradual buildup of romantic tension, but emotional connection as well. Fans of Ms. Griffith will rejoice in her latest fresh and wholesome installment.


Stephanie Lodes