Athena’s Daughter

Juli Page

Athena Chandler is the manager of Stax of Wax record store. Never in a million years did she think that the love of her life, Derek Marshall, would waltz into her shop. A member of the hugely popular rock band, Wolf, they are making an appearance to autograph their new album. Derek has no idea that their summer together in England resulted in a beautiful daughter. Athena was booted out of the country when her visa expired, and she only has a chance to make a quick call to Derek, to explain. That phone call breaks her heart, and Derek doesn’t find out he’s a father.....until seven years later. Athena has always regretted not finding a way to tell Derek that he’s a father, now she has no choice. How will he handle the news:  with anger, happiness, love, all of the above? Will they be able to rekindle the love they once shared and become a family? Or will Derek’s anger override all that they could have together?

Athena’s Daughter feels so true to life!  The characters are so real, so charismatic and full of angst , one will find themselves getting caught up in their trials and tribulations. One rarely gets a second chance at love, and this story is a great example of how one should go about handling it.  Athena is great mother, and Derek is a unique rock star that doesn’t get caught up in the hype, making this story unique. Juli Page Moran has written a wonderfully emotional story where the characters leap off the page, right into your heart! 


Tonya Smalley