Assigned (Navy SEALS of Little Creek #3)


Two of Lucas’s friends have found love through the military’s matchmaking services, so he figures why not give it a shot! He’s not necessarily looking for one true love, but rather a suitable companion and a woman who can be a great stepmother to his son. Then he learns that his match is the girl who broke his heart in high school, and his hopes for something simple are out the window. Riley joined the matchmaking service to find a fresh start and a way to stick it to the autoimmune disease that has always controlled her life. Having Lucas be her match only brings back a lot of bad, painful memories. Somehow, these two must make the most of their second chance before they lose everything.

“Assigned” is an energetic and entertaining romp of a romance. From the beginning Ms. Wynters has created a book that is full of palpable, raw, sexual tension that will leave readers turning pages to see it relieved. Riley and Lucas have instant chemistry that drives the story forward. As individuals, Lucas is a charming man who has just the right amounts of gentleman and alpha. Riley is a strong woman facing many challenges, and she doesn’t let them stop her. Each character is passionate with their emotions, creating a perfect recipe for drama. Their growth as a couple follows a few familiar storylines. However, the character dynamics are what help keep the book fresh from beginning to end. This is the perfect read for fans of second chance romance and enemies-to-lovers novels!

Chelsea Andersen