Ask Me to Game (The Game Lords Book 3)


Emma Duarte does not have one-night stands. She doesn’t even have time to date! She is a certified workaholic and her boss cannot even function without her. When she wakes up next to her brother-in-law, Michael, after her sister's wedding, the only natural thing to do is pretend it never happened. That is, until she steps up to try out for an elite gaming team to help catch a criminal named Symphis, and finds out her trainer is Michael. Emma drives Michael a good way. He loves messing with her but now they have to work together and the mission is serious because Emma’s life could be at stake. Will it be possible to work together and catch Symphis while trying to ignore their growing attraction?

What a wild ride! This book is so much fun from beginning to end and has a wonderful mix of suspense. For new readers, it may help to read the first two books in the series to avoid any confusion in the story. Even though it may take a couple of chapters to understand the back story, it does not take away from the overall enjoyment. This is not a typical contemporary romance. The author dives into the unique world of competitive gaming. Even readers who are not gamers will be able to clearly follow the story. Not only that, this story is filled with amazing characters. Emma is fierce! Michael is charming and funny. It is also fantastic how the author shows what it is like living with a disability. There are just so many things to love about this book, do not miss out!

Amanda Hupe