Angels in Red


Jenna Blackburn has just escaped death after an accident in the snowy mountains almost claimed her life. She has Jack Davis to thank when he rescues her and nurses her back to health in his secluded cabin. A widow and somewhat of a hermit, Jack begins to lose his heart to Jenna when she becomes more than just his patient. She discovers her father lies dying and his wealth is hers to inherit so she must leave the mountains and return to her high society life, but when she discovers the truth about her deceased mother's past it may be more she and Jack can handle.


Jenna has a despicable father that makes the reader instantly drawn to her plight. A quick succession of thrilling events keeps one glued to the pages. A very romantic setting for both Jack and Jenna is just what the doctor ordered in terms of romance, however the illusion is slightly shattered when reality comes crashing through the door. They become a little too familiar with each other in a somewhat unrealistic quick fashion. The story once again wraps the reader into a dramatic and exciting turn of events although leaving the romance on the back burner. Overall, a suspenseful, entertaining read! 


Lauren Taylor