Andrew (Sinful Seduction Book 1)


Charmeine Baker works hard running her parent’s church. She works hard and gets zero appreciation from her family but she continues on. When the owner of the church passes away and his son decides to use the land the church is on for apartments, he offers to let Charmeine buy it for two million dollars. Andrew Knight has been in love with Charmeine for years and despite the two of them sleeping together once, she’s always maintained her distance. When he hears about the situation with the church, he decides it’s time to take drastic action. He makes her an offer of marriage where he will buy the church and give it over to her parents. With no other options, she agrees and immediately moves in with Andrew. Will time spent in close quarters make her realize that they are perfect for one another? Or is Andrew making a huge mistake that could lead to disaster for both of them?

The action starts from the very beginning of this novella and progresses quickly into an intriguing story. Charmeine is determined not to give in to Andrew, but there isn’t much push back when it comes to Andrew’s persistence. The sex scenes are hot and well written but one aspect that was a little strange was having them quote bible scripture which may pull some readers out of the zone. It’s a short book with a lot packed into it and great for passing a couple of hours on a cold winter’s night. More depth into the characters would have made the book that much better. However, it is a sensual and fun read.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick