Always Room for Cupcakes


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Lila is the mother of twins living in small-town America when her world gets turned upside down. The discovery that her husband is cheating on her leads her into territory she never would could have imagined. Lila goes from being a stay-at-home mom to working for a local P.I. and catching other cheaters in the act.  Although mostly harmless cheaters, there is now a new client that has Moose, her boss, on edge. Lila herself keeps dodging trouble, with the help of a mysterious motorcycle man who seems to show up at all the right times. Things heat up with the handsome Cade (the motorcycle man) and more trouble comes to town when a drug cartel wants new territory. There may not be enough cupcakes in town to help Lila through the trouble that looms! 


Ms. Lopez has created a fast-paced and very hot romance in “Always Room for Cupcakes”. This story hits many levels with a loving family, dangerous drug dealers, and, don't forget the ruggedly handsome hero. The arc has a smooth flow and even tempo. Although a couple of editing errors are present, readers will enjoy the wild ride and creative bits. There is violence described in detail that may have some readers wincing, also note some foul language. Some scenarios may seem farfetched but are woven into the story nicely. For a short, quick read, there is a big story unfolding. The humor, love and friendship of this book will entertain until the last cupcake has been devoured.


Viola Robins