Along the Road: A Becker Family Novel


It’s a classic cliché: wannabe music star runs off to Nashville, certain she’ll be “discovered.” That’s Kat Becker, although she sets out with a bit more advantage than most. A big-time celebrity taped one of her performances and the video went viral. So, when Kat arrives in Nashville only to get into a minor car wreck before she even has a place to live, she refuses to lose hope that her future is anything but optimistic.

In the E.R., Dr. Dan MacDonald is not amused by his young patient’s flippancy—nor her unrealistic dream of stardom. He’s been down this road before, with dire consequences. How she ever convinces him to give her a ride and recommend a place for her to live is beyond him. But there is this spark . . . 

A cute setup and fast-paced plot draw the reader effortlessly into this classic modern romance. The problem is, like cotton candy, it quickly becomes too sweet and a little gritty on the tongue. Although the hero’s character is well-developed, Kat’s remains, well, cliché. It’s hard to root for a privileged rich girl with her head in the clouds and not a worry in the world. Dan, however, has more on his plate, with big histories he’s struggling with. The plot is predictable. The writing is tiresome, with exclamation points everywhere, and certain “profound” sentences seem to have little basis within the story. Fans of sweet romances, however, may find this playful romp very entertaining.

FS Brown