Almost in Love (Clover Park STUDS #1) formerly Stud Unleashed: Barry


Barry Furnukle is an average guy. He lives an average life. He is intelligent and attractive, but average - nothing makes him stand out in a crowd. He wants to change that, he needs to change that, but learning how is not his forte. Amber Lewis is an average gal in a not-so-average body. She makes herself stand out in a crowd, drawing the attention of many a male. She is a teacher by day, an artist by night, and a beautiful soul wrapped in an adorable package. Fate places Barry and Amber together by address, where together in bed is the goal of one, but isn't even on the mind of the other. 


Romance that evolves is so often ignored these days.  Do a little dance, readers, Gilmore has brought true romance back to the literary world! Average people fall in love every day without extraordinary wealth, talents or careers. "Stud Unleashed" brings two people together who actually work to fall in love, not jump into a sexual relationship immediately. Barry and Amber are two different people who blend well, but it takes times for the love to develop fully. This is real life, beautifully put in prose. Barry's awkwardness combined with the intensity that is Amber creates a level of comfort and suspense as they progress through the ups and downs of courtship. Be prepared to laugh, cry, fume, and cheer!


Penelope Anne Bartotto