All the Wrong Reasons: A Serendipity Falls Novel


Waking up in a motel room with a stranger is not something Christian schoolteacher Alexandra Mills has ever done. Panicked, she calls her best friend, Max Buchanan, to pick her up. Max drops everything, including the woman warming his sheets, to rescue Alex. He has loved her forever, but knows he isn't good enough. He has successfully built his own business and is now running for mayor. Soon, he will be able to prove to Alex that he is the man for her. Oblivious to her best friend's feelings, Alex tries to put the memory of her one-night stand behind her until a pregnancy test says she cannot. Being unmarried and pregnant means being fired from her job. Once again, Max steps in and offers to marry her. Alex is not sure what to do. Max is a playboy. At best, they can marry and divorce later. Max agrees, though he is determined to prove to Alex that she is the only one for him. Can a marriage for all the wrong reasons turn into a lifetime of love and happiness?

"All the Wrong Reasons: A Serendipity Falls Novel" is a heartwarming romantic comedy that hits all the right notes! Alex is every woman who has behaved stupidly and hoped the moment would be erased from all memory. However, not everyone has a best friend like Max. Watching Max struggle to prove himself worthy makes him endearing. While the story unrolls in a somewhat predictable way, the voice of the characters and zippy dialogue keep the story fresh. This marriage of convenience tale captures the essence of romance when two best friends finally fall in love for the right reasons!

Tricia Hill