All the Wildflowers in Montana (Mustang Girl Trilogy Book #1)

Red L.

Laney Jones, an English-Lit teacher, has always been quiet, living in a house full of rescued cats in Hardin, Montana. When she is diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, she breaks up with her boyfriend and creates a wild bucket list, which includes sleeping with a biker. Little does she know, she’ll find the man of her dreams. Joseph “Monk” Perez is an undercover ATF agent, about to make a massive bust that he’s been waiting years for, only to be distracted by a gorgeous blonde in white heels. The two spend the entire night together discovering their unwavering attraction to one another, only to be separated by cancer and a threatening bullet wound. Will Laney and Joe find their way back to one another or succumb to that which keeps them apart?

On a whole new level of “love at first sight”, the author captures the reader’s fascination with these endearing soulmates. Red L. Jameson’s bewitching writing skills will have readers groveling for them to get back together after their first shared night. The storyline of Laney’s boyfriend, Jason, coming back into her life allows for a constant, captivating conflict, but the emotional affair between her and Joe, behind Jason’s back, is a slight turn-off on the electricity of their relationship. Regardless, the amount of passionate pull between the characters is radiated on the pages of this fetching novel. There are POV’s of Laney’s friends, Charli and Rose, which will set up the future books nicely, but a bit unnecessary since they were rarely seen by Laney. Still, the author writes a romantic, sensual story full of character development and a never-ending love.

Austen Grace