All My Tomorrows

Colette L.
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Alice is the head writer for a soap opera with ratings on a downhill slide.  Peter is a Hollywood heartthrob brought in to revive the failing daytime drama.  As soon as Peter arrives on set, Alice sees his arrogance and condescension as another obstacle that she must endure in order to save her job. The two immediately butt heads but the attraction is palpable.  Utilizing an old romance book to add new plot ideas to her scripts, Alice isn't lacking for melodrama in her life or her career!  

Alice's book is given nearly as much reading time as their story.  And while it certainly does have a soap opera feel, it was captivating as well as perfect fodder for Alice's drama filled scripts. However, switching back and forth between what was essentially two completely different stories was confusing and frustrating at times, as it tended to get in the way of the actual book.

Peter and Alice have a fun and feisty relationship.  Peter does a lot of subtle chasing while Alice obviously keeps her distance.  Their confrontations are full of snappy dialogue and a tension that is more longing than overtly sexual.  But when the sparks do fly, these two light up the room!  When more of Peter is revealed than just what the public sees, he's easy to fall in love with.  The setting changes frequently, which kept the story from getting stagnant and despite the awkward scene changes with Alice's reading adventures, this was a thoroughly entertaining read.

Nicole Duke