All is Merri and Bright (Holiday Novella Collection)


Merri Wilcox, the owner of The Cut, has known Brighton Stansbury since they were in first grade. She cannot stand this member of the richest family in Utah. When Brighton comes to the salon for a trim, she knows that turning him away would be bad for business. Pleased with his own results, Brighton sets up an appointment for his grandmother, but when snow storm prevents the ninety-year-old from attending, Brighton talks Merri into making a home visit. On the way to the appointment, with Brighton behind the wheel, the trip proves more enlightening than Merri ever would have thought possible.


The author’s descriptions easily evoke mental images and the holiday spirit in this lighthearted novella. Readers will be surprised by the few well-timed plot twists, despite the fact that they may instinctively know the direction the story will take. One will find themselves caring about the main characters, as well as appreciating that the minor characters are more than just window dressing. That character development, balanced with a natural forward motion of the plot, makes a pleasing whole. The story leaves the reader satisfied; with no loose ends about which to wonder.


The framework of Christmas-time gives the story structure, but there are universal aspects of life present that make this a worthwhile quick read anytime.


Heather R. Nielsen