All That the Heart Desires


Desiree has no time in her life for romance. Her only mission is to find her son, abducted by his father five years before. She has changed her look and her name to aid in the search for Iain. Next thing she knows a handsome and sexy race car driver named Lorcan is trying to woo her. She ignores him as best as she can, but what Lorcan wants, Lorcan is used to getting. He agrees to help her in her search, but she is afraid of losing her heart and her focus before she can find Iain.

Fans of Formula 1 racing, this is the novel for you! Desiree's story is deftly intertwined with the excitement of racing. The novel leads the reader from one race to another, from one country to the next, however tense errors and extra and missing words are some of the things that blemish this wonderful story. Sadly, Desiree is a weak heroine - her answer to everything is to cry and then to run away. Lorcan is the perfect foil for her because he is a rock. He finds solutions as well as finds Desiree, no matter how far she runs. There are loose ends at the end of this story that will leave the reader wanting more. Ms. Moonbridge writes an intriguing story with several thought-provoking twists throughout. There is plenty of action in this page turner, and is a must read whether or not it is racing season.

Belinda Wilson