When Riley’s husband dies in the military, she decides to fulfill his final wish by traveling to the farm where he grew up to get to know his family, and possibly have her baby there. What she does not expect is Sean’s older brother, Aidan, to be so gruff, rude and unwelcoming. Aidan suspects Riley has ulterior motives – namely claiming the fortune her husband left for her that she claims to know nothing about, and selling off his portion of the family property to a developer desperate to get his hands on it. When Riley suffers complications with her pregnancy, Aidan takes care of her. Can he learn to trust that Riley is what she seems, and not some schemer out to ruin what he has worked so hard to grow and protect?

"Aidan" has the makings of a good story. However, it has some issues. Aidan is constantly rude and distrustful of Riley and then all of a sudden decides he is in love with her. Riley's character comes across as sweet but spineless. She sticks around despite Aidan’s mistreatment when she has absolutely no reason to do so. Readers will find their relationship is not very believable, and there is very little chemistry. The story also feels disjointed. One scene in particular causes serious confusion about timing. Some of the storyline plots are good; however, they are not adequately wrapped up at the end, leaving the reader to wonder if it is supposed to continue in the next book or if the anticlimactic ending was it. A good start, but some polishing and added detail to the romantic elements of this tale could really make it shine. 

Katy Nielsen