Against Her Rules (Heart’s Ease #1)


Elsie Walsh’s dream of owning a classy, successful inn in Newfoundland has come true. A haven for celebrities, Heart's Ease Inn draws many attractive men. But Elsie has one rule:  never sleep with a guest.  A rule that becomes impossible to follow when sexy playboy Campbell Scott checks in.  When her one indiscretion, Asher Collin, revisits Heart's Ease Elsie has her work cut out for her. The temperature rises as Elsie fights her attraction for Campbell, tries to keep Asher at bay, and struggles with the paparazzi’s determination to invade her privacy.


“Against Her Rules”, with its vivid descriptions of the serenity and beauty of Newfoundland captures the reader as it follows Elsie and Campbell’s romantic journey. Although the beginning of the story drags a bit while the necessary background is introduced, an entertaining reward awaits beyond chapter one. The main characters are believable, likeable and engaging as they struggle not only with the chemistry that sizzles between them, but also with their own doubts and insecurities. While it is well-written and flows smoothly, the story needs more drama to add depth and intrigue to the plot. Still, this classic romance is a delightful read that warms the heart and lifts the spirit. It is definitely not a tale of sex behind the door; it has plenty of steamy sexual escapades that makes the temperature rise. A delectable combination of spicy romance, scorching sex, charming characters, and witty dialogue makes this love story a worthy read!


Janna Shay