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With decades of marriage, two grown children and a steady job, India Othmar never thought she’d have to start all over again at age 51. That’s when she discovered her husband had an affair with her son’s girlfriend and life went to hell in a hand basket. Now she’s thrust in the world of divorce, blind dates, romance and drama. Seriously, what’s a woman to do but start a love affair with Ben&Jerry’s?  Then comes Mitch -  handsome, funny, considerate, smart, Mitch, who just happens to be twenty years younger and her son’s best friend! 

Spurred on by her crazy friend Eva, India is in for the adventure of a lifetime, with shoes-turned-planters, threat of jail time, gifts of concrete and the joys and pains of falling in love all over again!

With three parts humor, one part romance and one part drama, “Afterglow” is as delicious as India’s beloved Cherry Garcia! India is a very likable and uncharacteristic heroine and the side characters add spice and laughter, making the book even more intriguing. One thing a reader might find objectionable is the relationship between Mitch and India, not because of the age difference, per se, but because she had known him when he was a child, and perhaps watched him grow up.  It’s a strange dynamic, and not enough attention was paid to it. Very enjoyable, sweet read, though, and upon picking it up, readers may find themselves suffering from random attacks of broad grinning giggles!

Mimi Smith