After the Fall (Eureka in Love series)

Tamara Hart

Still recovering from a nasty divorce from her thieving, lying ex-husband, Luce simply want to rest, recover, and recuperate in her hometown of Eureka, Arkansas. What she doesn’t expect is a run-in with — and an instant attraction to — the awkward boy she used to tutor in high school. The boy has grown up into quite a handsome, if emotionally wounded, young man. But after so much heartache, can she really learn to love again?

Connor has been burned before, too: his life is a history of being lied to and manipulated by people, including his father and his ex-girlfriend. When Luce returns to Eureka, he is sure she’s the love of his life. Luce has her own painful secrets, however, and when these come out, Connor walks. When tragedy strikes, can these two damaged people find their way back to each other?

“After the Fall” is a tender love story about learning to love and trust again. Ms. Heiner’s setting is perfect: Eureka feels like the ideal small town and the gentle way she sketches her characters is a plus. The first half of the novel is a solid story about a complicated homespun romance. The second half dives into a plot that feels somewhat contrived and creates a situation that leaves the reader wondering if the two lead characters really should stay together. Nevertheless, fans of small town romance and Nicholas Sparks are sure to find plenty here to enjoy.

Janice Martin