From Afar


Morgan Stanfield is a thirty something-ish man who is looking for love after his long-time relationship didn’t work out. Not finding it on American soil, he begins his search on the internet, on a Russian bride site, no less! After one fiasco, he’s willing to give it another go against the advice of his friends. He scans thousands of faces and believes he has found “the one”, only to realize he will have to keep searching. Scanning the pages again, through thousands of beautiful Russian women, he connects with one, and he hopes he might just be able to find that elusive love he has been looking for. Off to Russia he goes, to find his beautiful Russian love…will he find love or disappointment?


Talk about long distance romance…sheesh! This tale gives a whole new meaning to the word gullible. Written in the first person POV, Mr. Scozzari has done a great job with his subject, not an easy thing to accomplish. He paints a vivid picture with his knowledge of Russia and its people. The character of Morgan is a tad unlikeable in his desperation and gullibility, enough to make one want to throw the book against the wall at times, and scream “Not again”! This story really isn’t a romance, or a happy tale, neither does it have a HEA. However, “From Afar” does leave one turning pages to find out what happens to Morgan, and if he finds the love he is seeking. 


Lynne Bryant