Ace High (Lost Creek Rodeo #6)

Heather B. Moore, Rebecca Connolly &
Sophia Summers

Lars Jackson has come to Lost Creek between his rodeo events to help his good friend Ryan and Ryan’s sister Kellie with their ranch while saving money for his own place. After many years of admiring Ryan’s sister from a distance, he’s become content to be a family friend. But now, Kellie is single and he might just be able to be more than a listening ear if she will let him. Kellie Prosper is knee deep in new clients, running the Broken Hearts Ranch and moving past her divorce, so when one of Ryan’s Original Six friends starts hanging around more, she finds herself reconsidering her own feelings, and appreciation might just be the beginning.

The sixth book in its series, “Ace High” gives us a romance that is part boy meets girl and part second chance. As the concluding book, there are hints of the earlier books in the series as well as some easter eggs alluding to Ms. Moore’s “Prosperity Ranch” series, but mostly “Ace High” can stand alone. That said, this is the kind of book one reads looking for light clean romance with a guaranteed happy ending. The conflict is minor and mostly deals with mental hold ups rather than any real hinderances to the romance, giving a rather anticlimactic feel. The relationship between Lars and Kellie is sweet but doesn’t particularly standout as memorable. However, readers who prefer sweet and simple romance, with a little rodeo tossed in, will find this book is a perfect match and a must read!

Sarah E Bradley