The Accidental Text


Maggie and her family run a business together and have always done a lot of adventurous activities together, until they lose their mother. Their mother always wanted to jump from an airplane with them, so the family makes plans to do just that and honor her wishes, but Maggie is unable to do it. Maggie has had a hard time dealing with her mother’s death and starts sending text messages to her phone to cope. She later learns the phone number has been reassigned to another individual, Chase, who texts Maggie back. It turns out Chase and Maggie have more in common than they realized.

 “The Accidental Text” is a beautiful and heart-warming love story that will draw the reader in from the very first page! One will not want to put the story down as the reader is pulled into Maggie’s life as she and her family try to deal with the death of their mother. Becky Monson has created a very convincing and emotional story that will have the reader crying and laughing. The characters are very engaging and complex, especially Maggie, whom the reader will love. One will enjoy the connection and chemistry that develops between Maggie and Chase as they both try to heal and move on. “The Accidental Text” is a must read for those who have experienced the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one, as Ms. Monson clearly shows there is hope for happiness following tragedy. Absolutely delightful!

Victoria Zumbrum