Accept This Dandelion


COMEDY:  Renee Lockhart is perfectly comfortable behind a microphone, spinning tunes and writing radio advertising spots for KGBR until her friend at the station convinces her to audition for the local take on “The Bachelor”. Ben McConnell will have women vying for his affection, and has a hand in casting them. Ben’s reputation precedes him, so, when Renee finds out who the bachelor is, she feels a little less guilty about having an ulterior motive for being on the show. For Ben’s part, being the mastermind behind ConArt and having the money to show for it doesn’t count for much where his family is concerned. He hopes the show can turn things around for him.


This is a sweet story that puts the reality in the “reality TV”. Character development is primarily centered on Ben and Renee. One could say that the protagonists are the two of them, while the antagonists are Renee’s preconceived notions and her newly-made friend, Eva. The plot is by no means original, but the way Renee handles herself makes up for that. However, it is off-putting that the ulterior motive is mentioned so frequently, which slows an otherwise well-paced read down. Renee is as real as they get. Her interpretation of instructions given to the bachelorettes keeps the plot moving, and both Ben and the reader on their toes.


Crack the “spine” and enjoy a book that follows a formula that works, with plot twists and a smile.


Heather R. Nielsen