Aboard the Wishing Star

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After two years of watching her every penny, Kara is finally financially secure enough to spend money on something she wants. True, the cruise aboard The Wishing Star wasn’t exactly her idea, but it is time to try and spread her wings a bit (even though she’s deathly afraid of water). Her trip doesn’t start so well, with the airline losing her baggage and her boss calling her over and over again. The only bright spot is the stranger she meets at the airport.  Nate (the handsome stranger), is charmed by Kara. And, it turns out that they are on the same cruise! The possibilities are suddenly endless, if only she can find the courage to go for what she wants.

A cruise on a luxurious ship, a handsome ex-Marine, moonlight strolls on the deck – it sounds like a perfect recipe for romance. However, there were some issues with the story and the writing. Kara’s thoughts, which are shown in the italics throughout the book, distract the reader from the actual conversations she’s having. That, coupled with a suspense subplot whose realization is lacking, impact the reader’s enjoyment of the book.  Kara’s numerous neuroses don’t help.  Her fears are understandable, and her courage in overcoming them is inspiring at times, but sometimes, it makes it hard to see beneath the fears to the person that she is.  All in all, a promising book whose delivery needs to be worked on!

Ana Smith