Abigail Always (Ever After Book # 5)


Mitch Abram’s life has spiraled out of control since the death of his wife, Eve, left him with three young girls to raise, as well as a household and business to run. He’s drowning under all the disarray and pressure. Abigail Jamieson’s life was shattered when her husband left her a year ago, taking their young daughter. Sadly, they both died in a car accident, leaving her in pieces. Months later, she is finally able to move forward enough to attempt the one thing she is good at—running a household as a professional nanny. Mitch needs all the professional help he can get, except his girls have chased away dozens of nannies in the past year.

The opening scenes are written with heart, placing the reader directly in the middle of Mitch’s morning chaos and Abigail’s awkward despair. As the story progresses, readers continue to feel the raw ache Abby, Mitch, and his family bear, though, it slowly eases as the pages turn and new feelings develop first between Abby and the girls and then Abby and Mitch. The difficulties the teen daughter gives Abby and Abby’s determined patient reaction are poignant and real. Sometimes Abby’s responses to everyday conversations seem stilted or a little too measured. Both Abby and Mitch have distinct internal conflicts, though Abby’s external conflict doesn’t necessarily appear as clear as Mitch’s. This is book # 5 of the Ever After series and readers will thoroughly enjoy this interracial contemporary romance, including a surprising and satisfying wrap up!

Emerson Matthews