86 Special

A. Jacob

NEW ADULT:  Adam ClayWilder is a living in small town America where times are hard on all. At the age of 23 he is working a few odd jobs, caring for his younger sister and keeping a roof over his alcoholic fathers head. Clay does have his fun; he is over six foot tall and has always looked a bit older than his actual age. His job at the local hotel as a bellboy has given him many opportunities to entertain the women who come to town on vacation. His true love is (or was) soccer. He was really good and unfortunately needed to drop out of high school when his mom left and he became responsible for his younger sister.  When Mary, his childhood babysitter moves back across the street there are some buried feelings that come creeping back.


This New Adult romance is the flip side to most relationships - the older woman and younger man - and it works, due to the history that two characters share. The struggles portrayed have the heart leading the way. The hero and heroine are very similar but in different situations which makes for an interesting tale. The friendship that develops and blossoms into more quickly is believable. Although there are many editing errors the plot and tempo are wonderfully written. The ending is left wide open with some loose ends; readers will need the next in series to get more answers.


Julie Caicco