Loving Logan


COMEDY:  Logan Mitchell is back. It’s been eight years but the day he left is still fresh in the mind of Bailey O’Donlan. It seemed their one night together meant nothing as he left her behind to become a wealthy self-made man. He never looked back. Didn’t even respond to her letter asking him to come home. So why should she tell him their night together made him a father?

Logan never had much. His father was killed when he was young and it left his family with nothing, always struggling to make ends meet. Ever since then, he was determined to make something of himself, to be able to provide for the woman he loved. He’s always known that person was Bailey but since he’s been home, he gets the idea that making a life with him is the last thing she wants.

Feelings of family and home overflow in “Loving Logan”. Bailey’s Irish heritage is a wonderful element done by someone who seems to know what she’s talking about. The secondary characters are as rich and colorful as their heritage and one can’t help but want to pull up a seat at O’Malley’s pub and join in the fun! The game of cat and mouse between the main characters goes a bit long and Bailey’s woman scorned issues get tiresome but it doesn’t keep one from wanting to be a part of the family that is “Loving Logan”!

Sofia St. Angeles