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PARANORMAL:  Meara is on a mission to save her ex-boyfriend, Evan. The last time he was seen, he was badly beaten by Ken, his employer, who then kidnapped Evan and took him to his realm under the ocean.

INSPIRATIONAL/MULTI-CULTURAL:  When Andy sets eyes on Darcy, it is love at first sight. Darcy finds him attractive, but is also very aware of the fact that he is six years her junior. She is landscaping the high school, getting it ready for her high school reunion.

EPIC FANTASY:  The town of Sorrow, on the planet Terath, has suddenly disappeared and all that is left of the buildings and its citizens is a fine ash. A hand-picked team is tasked with investigating the evil behind the disappearance.

To Wed an Heiress
Rosanne E.

Haro Emison has just learned that when his father died, his only legacy was gambling debts. All the properties must be sold to pay the creditors and he will be an earl in title only. He and his cousin, Eda, have an understanding that they will be wed at the end of the season.

Unconditional Surrender

Kristen McConnell and Creed Graham have a history - a bad one. Luckily they were able to avoid crossing paths, mostly thanks to Kristen who gave up Civil War reenacting - the thing that brought them together.