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Peyton Greene’s little brother is being tormented by a group of bullies at Ridgeview High. She sets out to protect him by trying to hire Sam Guerra, the school's most feared individual.

Dreams of Perfection

Darcy Butler is looking for her perfect man. Being a best-selling romance author, her standards are a bit high.

SCI-FI/FANTASY:  On Leah’s sixteenth birthday she found out she was a witch. For four years she has studied hard and learned magic at Sanctuary until the day a scuffle reveals she is much more than a mere witch.

The Notary

Adrianna Morgan is a nursing student who does freelance notary work to help make ends meet. Being sent to the wrong address for a house closing puts her smack in the middle of a drug deal gone bad.

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL:  During World War II, Kit Cavendish and her younger brother Leighton are shipped off to Wales, to live with a family they’ve never met.  Kit struggles with an unknown illness that affects her ability to walk. She’s bound to a wheelchair, but according to her new doctor in Wales, she might walk one day – if only she puts her mind to it.