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Pay the Piper, Hathe, #2
Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  Earth has ruled Hathe for five years but at the Zenith, the Resistance turns the tables and now the captors have become the captives. Hatred for Major Hamon Radcliff, head of the Terran security forces, and for his Hathian wife, Marthe an Castre, run rampant.

Half banshee and pyrotechnic, Ginny Golding moved to Earth from the underworld not only to get away from her banshee relatives, but to also find love. Unfortunately, she tends to make human males bleed from places they shouldn’t whenever passion rises. She needs someone more than human to love.

Single mom and successful author Serafina Noland takes a vacation in the Outer Banks and ends up bringing home a sexy man-sized souvenir by the name of Levi Ewart. Even though she’s troubled about being years older than Levi he dismisses the age difference.

To Dance Again

Maricel Cardona is a widow with three grown children. Out of nowhere she gets the call that ever parent dreads: it's the hospital, and one of her children has been in an accident.

Jessie Morales is a hard working news anchor in Los Angeles. When her boss wants to talk about a possible promotion and invites her to chat in the elevator on his way out, she hesitantly obliges.