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Green-Eyed Pursuit

Lucien’s parentage was a mystery. Raised by his mother until her death, he had many questions without answers until he came across a ribbon-wrapped bundle of letters. Never knowing his father, he sets out on a quest to find the man he desperately wished to know and love.

Nicolette River had much to make up for from her time as a Marine Sniper. All justified kills, but still, each completed mission took its toll on her soul. Needing to make amends (and hopefully, to heal), she decides taking a position as a deputy in a sleepy town in McIntyre County, Iowa is the perfect solution.

REGENCY:  Andrew Penton, The Marquis of Drake, knows that he wants Lady Lorelei de La Valette the moment she appears in across the room at a ball he’s attending in London. Attraction between the two sparks in the air, unfortunately Andrew isn’t the man Lorelei is looking for - it’s his best friend Benji.

Guessing at Normal

Jill Griffin was not the kind of girl one expects to date a rock star.  Trapped in a dead end job at a motel, she never expected to meet the love of her life while manning the front desk!  When singer James Sheridan asks her if she can break a five, it starts a roller-coaste

A suspenseful high fantasy adventure, “Tears for Love” is the second book in the “Lonely World Trilogy”. It involves multiple groups of people chasing down a powerful artifact bound to a girl named Marisylia.