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Josh’s Wall

Josh struggled growing up after suffering an allergic reaction to and almost died!  When he recovers, he has amnesia, unable to remember anything for the first six years of his life, including his family, except for his beloved dog Nanny.  School isn’t much better, with bullies and teachers who don

Pandora’s life is complicated.  Her father is a famous rock star and her mother a well-known author, with neither one having time for her teenage needs.

MILITARY:  Madison Scott, the daughter of an oil tycoon, majored in Global and Environmental Studies in college and believes she can make a difference in the world.

HUMOR: Ella’s perfect moment was taken from her on her wedding day, when she caught her husband-to-be kissing another woman moments before the ceremony. Determined to never be hurt that badly again, she builds a wall around her heart.

WESTERN:  In a territory in Washington, Sheriff Matthew Wilcox arrives at the train station to meet his wife’s niece, Amelia Winters, only to find out she has been kidnapped. Gathering a posse, he follows the clues to find her and bring her home safely.