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Confederado do Norte
Linda Bennett

In the devastation following the Confederacy’s defeat in the American Civil War, Mary Catherine’s family immigrates to Brazil in search of a new life.

PARANORMAL:  Things are looking up for Caleb and Kalista as they settle down into their relationship. Their friend Owen, however, is still smarting from his breakup with Morgan.

SCIENCE FICTION: Something is wrong with the planet of Xannia. Earthquakes are becoming more and more frequent, and the supply of verrin in the water, which is essential to life on the planet, is disappearing.

INSPIRATIONAL:  The battle for Septily appears to be over now thanks to Clara and the sacrifices of her friends and family. However, now the Allied Council is preventing her from leaving Skycliff and searching for the Healing Caves she believes will fix her sword.

COMEDY:  Retired flight attendant Lori Palmer is trying to become a better person.  Not for Monty Joe Nelson or anyone else, but for herself.  That's why when her flight is diverted because of a freak southern Texas snowstorm, she gives up her hotel room to a colleague and agrees to stay at the Nelson ranch overnight.  Until Mother Nature steps in, that is.