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Clover House
Alan Cuthbertson
Gaynor M Kelly

CHICK-LIT:  Residents at the council-run Clover House are there because their parents, family and community can no longer deal with their behavior.  Leo French’s 8-year stay has been uneventfu

Playing House

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Bailey Meredith wants to get out into the world and show everyone what she can do with her expertise in interior design. Unfortunately, as an assistant she's more an expert in making coffee — that is, until she's offered the job of a lifetime. Wilder Aldrich sees Bailey's potential the moment he meets her, and believes she's everything he needs for his home improvement show.

After running from her past, Lindsey Porter wants nothing more than to mind her own business and keep her head down.

Teddy King is trouble with a capital T.  Not only is she trouble, but she could be in a lot of it if the secret she has concealed gets out.

Annie Campbell and her friends find themselves pulled into a murder case when Professor of Religion Christa Thompson is found dead and all the little secrets she had begin to crawl out of the