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SCI-FI: Zorina is fresh out of the academy and determined to be an asset, but her estrangement from her father, the Chancellor, inhibits her ability to be taken seriously. Varick is not fully human, so he must hide his identity since he is the sole survivor of a complete society termination. Colobus is the medic on the team but has a secret.

Hyacinth can’t seem to get a grip on her current situation. Her nephew Geordi is with a demon named Jason while she is cleaning up the previous incident. The Burke’s tried to use a stone to release Satan and utilize his powers. With that now behind them, she should get a break right? Wrong. The archangel Michael needs her to collect more of his rocks that retain some of his power.

Emery Montgomery doesn’t want to compete for the heart of a vampire prince, but when her twin is tragically killed, she doesn’t have much of a choice. She has been chosen by the silver band of the Culling, and, for now, she must abide by its demands. In an archaic version of The Bachelor, August Nicholson must choose his mate. All of the women are boring and cut from the same cloth.

The First Heartbreak

Travis is Kennedy’s Achilles heel and vice versa. She hopes that being home again in Brookhaven after her eighteen years away in New York City is an easy transition. Her ballet career - now over from injury - she really has no choice.

Elle’s in Nashville for a break from her parents and the job that awaits her at her father’s business. She has been groomed her entire life to be the one to take over. Her sister, Lucy, wasn’t going to stick around and allow her father to call the shots in her life. Lucy works with the hockey team in town and introduces her sister to some of her ‘work’ friends.