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The Southern shores of Alabama are where Madeline Viscolli transfers so she can complete her Master's degree. She seeks out the campus ministry program and meets Joe, their leader. She is very taken with him but he's not quick to show interest.

HISTORICAL:  It’s never a wise decision to take a woman into the backcountry. But leaving Annie behind with the likes of his no-good cousin probably equaled the danger of real wolves and savages. No matter how David felt about her, he couldn’t leave her to that kind of fate.

Bet on seventeen. Natasha may not believe in chance, but the dreams she’d had of her mother’s advice, compel her to make the bet. After all, she doesn’t have much to lose. Her son, Tyler, is all that matters, so she’ll take the risk. It’s the last hope she has for a promising future for both of them.

Fear University

PARANORMAL:  Ollie Andrews scratches out an existence in the quiet town of Kodiak, Alaska. That is, until one night when she meets a dog who isn’t a dog. The animal can somehow mentally communicate with her, and is surprised by her lack of fear.


FANTASY:  “Dreamthief” begins in the contemporary world, but also takes side trips to Faythander, the land of the fairies.