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Determined to live a life of celibacy and holiness to make up for past sins, Lady Kirstin MacNeacail has taken religious vows at the abbey on the Isle of Skye.

When Stormy Gregory’s best friend gives her a way out of her abusive relationship, she takes her up on her offer of a place to live at a shelter for abused women.

With her dead husband’s mother still blaming her for his death, Elizabeth Farefield decides to take a break and rethink with a cruise to the Caribbean.

As a leopard shifter living in a small town, Jess Baker goes through her days like a normal person trying to make a living. What she doesn’t realize is that the quiet town of Blackford has a dangerous side.

Malibu O’Hare calls on her aunt Cindy when she has a rare guy problem. She’s usually good at dealing with guys, but Mark Bouchard is getting under her skin.