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Noelle, Cade, and their daughters are on their way to a family reunion - the last trip they will take as a family because Noelle has asked for a divorce. Noelle suspects that Cade has cheated on her and that is a deal breaker for her.

Queen Anne of Brittany mentors girls and teaches them the fundamentals of being the wife of a noble; which includes being gracious about the husband that one’s family has chosen for them.

Millie Stephens has been living a boring life. When she is saved by a stranger from being killed by a speeding car, she realizes that her life until now has been completely unremarkable.

MEDIEVAL:  After a simple kiss with the wrong brother dissolved an engagement and resulted in a feud between her family and the Marr clan, Lady Sorcha thought her dreams of love were over.

After being stood up at the altar in the most humiliating way, Kenadie Marshall focused her efforts into her work.