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Forever Her Captain

After all the challenges Claire and Baxter have overcome, they are looking forward to their upcoming wedding and future.

HISTORICAL:  Bertie Hawkins is a young woman recently recovered from a violent attack, although suffering from lingering fear and emotional trauma.

Vivienne was out for a walk when she was hit by the truck.  Well, walking and checking her Facebook and not really paying attention to the world around her.  Now she lies in an ICU bed, suspended



SCI-FI:  An advanced race known as the Skae have discovered an ark in space.  There are no survivors; however, in its cargo are the precious DNA remnants of a race destroyed by their sun’s superno

The shifter world is in danger from an evil so old and so malevolent that even the elders are not sure how to fight it.  Add to that the fact that many of the young people who will be called to the fight