Recent Reviews

PARANORMAL/HORROR:  At age seventeen, Racer already has a bad reputation. His girlfriend’s parents even forbid her from hanging out with him anymore.

The Love of a Rake
Linda Rae

At thirty-five, Randall Roderick, Marquess of Reading, wants to trade his life as a ‘rake’ for the life of a married man. Finding a wife isn’t that easy, though, when his reputation precedes him.

The Hand You’re Dealt

Lori Johnson wants to be just another freshman – she wants to blend in, not stand out.

Moonstone Conspiracy
Elizabeth Ellen

Lady Abigail Houghalle dreams of making her escape to Venice and living the rest of her days away from the judgmental view of England society.

Heather in the Mist

When the Cameron estate is targeted for theft, its Chieftain is forced to betroth his daughter, Rogan, to her childhood friend William MacMillian for the sake of the clan's protection.