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MYSTERY:  Darcy’s sister, Deanna, walked out of the family diner one day and never came back. That was three months ago.

All That the Heart Desires

Desiree has no time in her life for romance. Her only mission is to find her son, abducted by his father five years before. She has changed her look and her name to aid in the search for Iain. Next thing she knows a handsome and sexy race car driver named Lorcan is trying to woo her. She ignores him as best as she can, but what Lorcan wants, Lorcan is used to getting.

Sabrina has been accepted for an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts. She is hoping to be placed in the antiquities department because her Master’s thesis is on Greek vessels. While she doesn’t get her dream placement, the department does set up time for her to meet with Dr. Nikos Soulis, a visiting archaeologist from Greece. Nikos is very happy to help her with her thesis.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Kat Shaw is viciously attacked by a demon. Unfortunately, before she is rescued she is bitten several times. Now, she has a link with the demon and sees when he is with his victims.

Something has to change in Kennedy James' life. Until she figures out what that is, she goes to her Grandma's house in Tyler, Texas in the hopes it will help her stop feeling out of sorts.