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YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY:  Taro is a young man forced into a life of petty crime in order to support his ailing parents and family.  He finds work as a burglar for a local crime boss, and quickly realizes that he is in over his head.  In order to keep his family safe, he takes a job breaking a sorceress free from her dungeon prison, but it requires him and his sister to go undercover as recruits for

The Enigma Factor (The Enigma #1)
Charles V Breakfield,
Roxanne E Burkey

MYSTERY/TECHNO THRILLER:  Jacob Michaels is an expert programmer who protects companies from cyber criminals wishing to exploit them.

Hailey is an up-and-coming high school baseball pitcher, whose goal is to one day become the first female pro in the male-dominated sport. When her family moves to Georgia just before her senior year of high school, she must work to be accepted all over again by her new peers.

Gabriel Marshall has offered himself up at the 4th Annual Cedar Bend Bachelor Auction to help raise money for a good cause.

Hair Brained
Nancy J.

When their friends Ken and Tally cannot be found, Detective Dalton Vail and his wife Marla find themselves in a crisis.  Not only are their friends missing but also Ken and Tally now have to care for Luke, the couple's baby.