Recent Reviews

Dreams of Perfection

Darcy Butler is looking for her perfect man. Being a best-selling romance author, her standards are a bit high.

SCI-FI/FANTASY:  On Leah’s sixteenth birthday she found out she was a witch. For four years she has studied hard and learned magic at Sanctuary until the day a scuffle reveals she is much more than a mere witch.

The Notary

Adrianna Morgan is a nursing student who does freelance notary work to help make ends meet. Being sent to the wrong address for a house closing puts her smack in the middle of a drug deal gone bad.

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL:  During World War II, Kit Cavendish and her younger brother Leighton are shipped off to Wales, to live with a family they’ve never met.  Kit struggles with an unknown illness that affects her ability to walk. She’s bound to a wheelchair, but according to her new doctor in Wales, she might walk one day – if only she puts her mind to it.

The Outcasts

MULTICULTURAL:  All the village wives warn Alice about Hunter, the mysterious, strong man who was born of an English mother and a native Australian father, and who has been the town’s outcast for years.