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Sand Dollar Point has been Tasha Pike’s dream summer destination since childhood.

HISTORICAL:  Valamine is a shaman witch, being taught in the healing arts at a University for the shaman. Her education is rudely and abruptly halted by the arrival of daemons from the realm of Gehenna.

Things Lost In the Fire

Sadie McRae is the daughter of rock legends.  After a traumatic incident as a teen leaves Sadie reeling, she's sent to live with her grandparents. It’s been ten years since that night, and Sadie returns home to care for her mother. Back in L.A.

Fogged Up Fairytale

CHICK-LIT:  Brand Rye awakens in the hospital with no recollection of who she is or what has happened to her. Confused, floundering and feeling broken, things take an even more troubling turn when the man sitting bedside informs her that she is his wife!

Ghost of the Nile

Periseneb, an Egyptian warrior two hundred years dead, is called upon by the Goddess Ma’at to return to the living. With four red feathers tattooed on his skin to beckon the Gods when needed, he must right the wrongs of the past.