Recent Reviews

The Vagabond Vicar

William Brook knows he has been called by God to do great things abroad among the heathens, so when he is sent to be the new vicar in a small country parish in England he is sure that there has been a mistake.

The Intended Ones

Six months after Wyatt “Doc” Reynolds was recruited by an Angel to rescue her granddaughter from a murder, things have changed drastically for Doc, Farren, and her grandfather.

Shadows (Black Raven # 1)

A genius, multi-millionaire software developer is missing from federal prison and his daughters, who are hiding under assumed names, may be the only link to solving his disappearance.  Sebastian Connley, a Black Raven security contractor, is positive Skye Barrows is the lead to her father. 

Shaping Destiny

College freshman Leah Hawk is looking forward to dorm life after leaving home for the first time.  She even has longtime boyfriend Jared to help her make the transition, but things aren’t always as they seem.  When Leah suspects she has a stalker following her every move, she’s relieved to find he’

As the American Revolution encompasses the Americas, the brave men of England and France make their living on shipping and piracy.  When Privateer Simon Powell’s prized schooner is captured by Pirate Jean Donet of France, he brazenly kidnaps Donet’s daughter Claire in order to retrieve his