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Shadowed Hawk

Aidan McGregor has always been content with his life as second son.

Throw out all your preconceived notions about Peter Pan and immerse yourself in Anna Katmore's version of “Neverland”!  Angelina McFarland falls off her balcony one night, and finds herself caught in the arms of a flying boy named Peter Pan.

INTERRACIAL:  Mayne is a woman who has experienced plenty of loss and pain in her life - losses that haunt her each night as the sweet memories of her loved ones come back to her in dreams, only to wake each morning feeling the fresh pain of her loss.  For Mayne, keeping everyone she knows at arm's length is her best defense against further heartache.

Phoenix Of The Heart

It’s the 80s and computers are strictly for nerds. Facebook doesn’t exist, but Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) do. Beth really isn’t interested in all of that—until she’s introduced to The Lighthouse, and—more importantly—its SysOp, The Keeper.

TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  Emma is on vacation, visiting Stonehenge with her two best friends, when she is struck by lightning during a nighttime storm. She awakens to find herself in the very same inn she had been staying in, but two hundred and fifty years in the past, next to the body of a dead woman.