Recent Reviews

PARANORMAL/DYSTOPIAN:  In the town of Luella, there is a monthly occurrence called Castigation. This is the time when anyone who is rebellious or shows any other unsuitable traits is put to death in front of the rest of the town. All are required to watch this ritual, including children.

COZY:  Jamie has the world by the tail. She has a wonderful boyfriend, Kip, her own one- woman law firm, and great neighbors. She couldn’t ask for much more to make her life perfect.

REGENCY:  Diana is a widow who has grown tired of life in the English country. Her cousin Jules invites her to go to Paris with him to help him with a mission. He seeks out those who are dangerous to France and plotting assassinations.

The fragile peace of the Holy Land is threatened when one of its holiest sites is desecrated. Urgently needing to find the culprit and restore a sense of calm to Israel, the Ministry relies on its best investigator. Vince Ramsey abandoned his much needed vacation to try and save the land he loves. Ruins and intrigue greet him at every step as his search for answers continues.

In the early years of the twentieth century, women lived a very different life. Many of the opportunities afforded to us now (careers, education, voting) were not allowed to the feminine part of society. Voting was a hot-button issue and the Suffragette movement was picking up steam.