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Rose Berret flies from France to Greece to temporarily fill a nanny position. She is anxious because her employer is a billionaire and she despises the wealthy. Upon landing, she is met by Stavros, the handsome head of security. Little does she know that “Stavros” is none other than the illustrious billionaire, Leo Papadakis, who has been hiding from the public since his wife died.

Clare flees her home in a snowstorm rather than wed Sir Rollo. Her destination is the home of childhood friend Lady Alyss Roark. En route, she is thrown from her horse and lies unconscious in the snow, destined to freeze to death. Young Tom finds her riderless horse and convinces Sir Nicholas go out in the snowstorm to find the rider.

Jillian sees ghosts. She is a paranormal blogger who researches haunted buildings. When she encounters a spirit haunting a building, she will talk with them to find out what their story is. Jillian is called to the Australian Outback where a seven-member family went missing in the 1800’s.

The Perfect Brew

MYSTERY:  Cassie Black is a witch who has a problem with her magic…she can’t make it work right all the time. When her Great Aunt Ophelia dies suddenly, Cassie is chosen by her family to travel to the funeral and represent the family. Cassie takes her cat, Sid, with her.

Duke of Debauchery

The Duke of Montrose is known as the Duke of Debauchery for a good reason; his love for mistresses is only slightly outweighed by his love for booze. When a race with his best friend goes awry, Torrie is left with amnesia and Monty with a broken ankle and a belly full of guilt.