Recent Reviews

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Erin’s soon-to-be-ex-husband dares to show up at her house asking her to quit attending their church because it makes his girlfriend – Erin’s ex-best friend – uncomfortable, her incredulity at his arrogance causes her to inadvertently place a curse on him.

Having failed to make a match on the marriage front, Helen Milsom is forced to become a governess. On her way back to her employer’s home, she comes across Sir Marcus Dain at an inn, where they have a less than stellar first meeting. Marcus’ boredom with the English nobility’s lifestyle has rendered his mood to one of grouchiness.

Gabriel DuVernay’s soccer career causes unending drama with his father, who expects Gabriel to take over the family’s winery so he can retire.

Smoke and Ritual (Book 1)

Arya Frost is feeling defeated. She cannot pass her potion test. She already feels alone without a coven to belong to. Thankfully, she has her two close friends Sapphire and Diego to always fully support her and cheer her up. When a dead white crow suddenly appears in her room, it’s a bad omen for sure. Then another is thrown against her window.

The Subway Girl

Ryan see’s a girl on the New York subway, and he cannot get her out of his head. There is a spark of some kind, a connection, and he has got to track her down. But how? He heard a British accent; she was listening to her earbuds and wore a pink beanie hat, but it was her green eyes that drew him in like no other.