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Kali Matai’s life as London’s most famous tawaiff and Indian dancer is not all it seems to be.

Stefanie Alt is on the run after being bitten by a shape-shifting wolf from North Ridge who is intent on making her his mate. Struggling with her changing body, she ends up running into a friend from her childhood, Kyle Williams, who is no longer the boy she remembers.

A Hotel in Venice

After many ups and downs, Minola Grey and her beloved fiancé, Peter, are finally getting married and in the most romantic city in the world - Venice, Italy!  While on an evening gondola ride, however, Minola notices what looks to be an intriguing glass sculpture and instructs the gondolier closer s


Alessandra, or Lyssa as she’s called, has lived within the forest for as long as she can remember among the monks who teach her at a very private school.  Herakles, her guardian, trains her mercilessly but never explains exactly why she can’t be like the other girls who enjoy boys, parties and a li


VIKING:  Lothar, a Viking Prince and heir to the Chieftain, is returning from a trading journey when he is attacked by one of his own men during a violent storm where his ship was wrecked.