Recent Reviews

Choosing Carter

After a car crash resulted in the imprisonment of her brother Robbie, Bryn McKay has spent the last year living in relative quiet, trying to come to terms with her guilt over being unable to save Robbie from himself.

His Perfect Imperfection

Enigmatic and alluring, Cain Sallas is an escort whose life revolves around making women feel beautiful and desired. Women are his business - a commodity - and nothing more. Money is plentiful but his choice of profession has left him feeling cold and empty.

The Mariachi Murder
Marie Romero

Detective Rick Romero and forensic psychologist Jemimah Hodge are tasked with solving the murder of Eduardo Sanchez, a popular mariachi singer. The list of possible suspects is extraordinary long, as Eduardo, a true ladies man, had more enemies than friends.

The Awakening (Emerge #1)
Melissa A.

Allie always felt distanced from the world around her, and also from anyone else. Moving from one town to another and always being the new kid hasn't helped with that. But then she moves to Kelly's Island, and runs into Aidan McBrien, who helps her make friends. On her sixteenth birthday, Allie wakes up in pain, though…and Aidan tells her they’ve all been through that.

Joshua’s Island

Joshua has spent his entire life being bullied. Without any friends to stand up for him, and being very small for his age, he feels lonely and afraid. Eve is the opposite – pretty, popular.